Statue of Spyros Matsoukas

Spyros Matsoukas was a great Greek fighter and benefactor who devoted his life to the redemption of Hellenism and the liberation of Greece. He was born in Ypati in 1873, while others believe in 1870. There he finished the Greek school and continued his high school studies at Zitouni (Lamia). Then in 1896 he was enrolled at the Law School of Athens. Despite his studies, his love for poetry was to play an important role in his life.

In 1896  Spyros Matsoukas decides to take part in the siege of Kandanos and liberate Crete from the Ottomans. In 1897 the Greek-Ottoman war broke out. S. Matsoukas abandons his studies and is dedicated to the Struggle. First he participates in the battle at Domokos in Valestino and there he tries to fill with courage the soldiers’ souls by reciting poems. With the defeat of Greece in ’97 and the unjust capitulation he returns to Athens to get his degree. In the end he does not practice his profession as a lawyer and is committed to writing patriotic poetry to revive Hellenism and to make money for national and social purposes by traveling to Crete, Alexandria, Cyprus and America, as well as to other 402 villages.Thanks to this contribution, the Greek State will buy the “New Generation” Destroyer and the Fireblower and three planes. He will also establish the “White Cross” and be honored as a great benefactor of the country.

It is worth mentioning that S. Matsoukas was the one who undertook the construction of the statue (from Pentelic marble) of Athanasios Diakos, which stands at the homonymous square of Lamia by selling door-to-door books containing his poetic collections.