Statue of Aris Velouchiotis

The real name of Aris Velouchiotis was Thanasis Clara and he was born in Lamia in 1905. He was an important member of the Communist Party of Greece and the head of the General Staff of ELAS since 1943. The struggle against German fascism was glorified at the gathering that took place on his hometown, Lamia. With the withdrawal of the German troops from Lamia, the forces of ELAS, a delegation of the PEEA and EAM, arrive on 19 October 1944. Aris Velouchiotis is admired with cheers from all the crowd. Following his advance, on 29 October, a gathering with the participation took place in Eleftherias Square of all the people. There, Aris Velouchiotis broadcast a triumphant speech supporting the victory and liberation of Greeks over the Germans.