Bust of Ioannis Diovouniotis

Ioannis Diovouniotis, a great chieftain of Central Greece and a warrior of Roumeli, played an important role in the Revolution of 1821. He was born in 1757 in the village of Dio Vouna of Western Fthiotida and his real name was “Xiekis”. After the death of his parents, at the age of 13 he was forced to live as a shepherd and at 17 he decided to escape to Roumeli. There he joined Georgio Androutso. Later in 1820, he was inducted into the Filiki Eteria and took active action in the  organization of the Revolution in central Roumeli. At the beginning of April 1821 the chieftains Diovouniotis, Diakos, Panourgia and Bishop of Salonas Isaiah gathered in the village of Komotades to decide to stop the Ottoman forces in the Peloponnese. Diovouniotis undertook to support the bridge of Gorgopotamos and Athanasios Diakos the region of Alamana. In the face of the enemy, the men of Doubounioti retreated just above the Dio Vouna. The rugged place there was in favor of them and caused great losses to the Ottomans. However, the most important moment of Diovounioti was in the Battle of the Basilica on 26 August 1821 where he refuted the plans of the Ottomans to besiege Tripolitsa and suppress the Greek Revolution. For this battle he was honored with the title of general. Finally, in January of 1831 he died in Amfissa.