Cultural Routes

Cultural Routes

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Battle of Thermopylae

Battle of Thermopylae The Battle of Thermopylae (480 B.C.) is one of the most iconic battles that happend in the world’s history. Has been conducted in the Straits of Thermopyae between the Greek and Persian forces led by the King … Read More

Greek Resistance

Greek Resistance  The Greek Resistance was in the period 1941–1944, during World War II. It is considered as one of the strongest resistances against the German invasion. The occupation by the German and the Axis (Germany – Italy – Japan) … Read More

Greek Revolution 1821

Greek Revolution 1821 The Greek Revolution 1821 is refered to the multiannual war between the Greeks and the Ottomans. The Greeks were fighting to win their independence despite of all the hardship they suffered under the Ottoman’s power. Finally, with … Read More