Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is an emerging technology that allows the digital information to be displayed in the real world through the use of appropriate devices. The aim is to foster the interaction between the user and the digital environment and provide him an incredible experience in real time. As a result the real world coexist with digital world. 

Blippar is an interactive mobile application that specializes in augmented reality and computational vision and animates every static image. It creates new channels of information by giving more value to the content of the information and at the same time it offers a unique experience to the users.

Every smart device can be turned into an augmented reality device and host the Blippar app.  The only thing you have to do is to point with the camera of your smart device the image of your interest. Due to the invisible markers used by Blippar, the camera will recognize the image and will unlock the information. 

Download the Blippar app for free whether you have Android or iOS. Open it up and then point with your camera the image you want to scan. It can scan everything. In a minute the content will be launched and you will be ready to experience it. 

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