This is a technological research that, in order to support its sacred purpose, to highlight the rich historical and cultural significance of Fthiotis, was based on the bibliographic review and on-site observation. We travelled and recorded some of the monuments and museums of the area so that, with the possibilities offered by augmented reality and the dynamic audiovisual material, to integrate them in a website. The bibliographic overview came mainly from published scientific texts and publications on the Internet, valid cultural content websites and the local bibliography hosted at the Public Central Library of Lamia.

Our goal is to offer a collective material in English in order to inform the citizens about the historical past of the area as well as to attract tourists who want to learn about the historical events and the cultural beauty of Fthiotis throughout the centuries.

It is a project of educational and informative content without having a profit-making character. Every effort is made to facilitate the information to the user and to attract the interest of even more. It refrains from any attempt to insult and secure the copyright of any material and non-object. For this reason, if it comes to your notice that there a mistake with the updated material, let us know by sending us an email to make the relevant corrections and restore the atmosphere.