Cultural Heritage of Fthiotis

Experience the past through the ancient birthplace of heroes

Why choose Fthiotis?

Fthiotis has to offer an endless journey at the legendery past and a range of images that will fascinate you. Is the place where the myths become alive and glorious heroes fight for their freedom and independence.

Discover the remainings of old time

History of Fthiotida

The Prefecture of Fthiotida is located at N.D. of the Region of Sterea Hellas and has the capital of Lamia. It borders north with the prefectures of Magnesia, Larissa and Karditsa, westwards with the prefecture of Evrytania, south with the prefectures of Phocis, Viotia and Aitoloakarnania, while eastwards it is covered by Evoikos and the Maliakos Gulf.

Cultural Routes

Go ahead and don’t hesitate to choose one of the most iconic cultural routes of Fthiotida. Learn about Fthiotida’s history following the cultural routes that have been designed in that way so that the stories behind every person and object to be reaveled.